Atlanta Vietnamese Restaurant – So Ba – East Atlanta GA

One of the newest members to my family is a tasty Atlanta Vietnamese restaurant in the East Atlanta Village. So Ba is owned by Nhan Le, who also owns Wasabi Sushi, Wine & Saki Lounge in Castleberry Hill. I’ve been feasting on Wasabi sushi for several years now so was stoked to hear he was…

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Rocking Optimized WordPress Posts – How to Write Them and Plugins that Help

On Wednesday July 21st I am going to be presenting on best practices for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) using the WordPress platform. This event is being hosted by the Atlanta WordPress on meetup.com at the Urban Oasis and is called “Rocking Optimized WordPress Posts: How to Write Them and Plugins that Help“. Search Engine Optimization is…

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How to FTP Files

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a video that I just put up called How to FTP Files. I’ve created this video after a good friend of mine wanted to know how to upload larger files(video) of his band to his web server in order to share it with…

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Web Devils – Web Development, WordPress, SEO, and Social Media

Good day fellow interneteurs! I am here to tell you about Web Devils, my newest venture.

As I am sure you have noticed, not much action has been happening here on bretphillips.com, there is a good reason for that 🙂 I have been working hard at getting everything together for the launch of the Web Development company Web Devils.

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An Excellent Example Of Seo Basics

In order to test my knowledge of search engine optimization and document the process, I have put together a short web page and video that are an excellent example of seo basics. By following some very easy steps, anyone can focus in on a keyword phrase and rank high in many search engines. While the…

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