The only way you ensure failure is by quitting. The only way you can guarantee that your endeavor will fail is by stopping it.

One of my favorite bands ever, Snarky Puppy, is up for a Grammy.

This is HUGE for them as they have been a straight DIY project for almost a decade.

No record label, no management, one guy with a vision and some amazing musicians for friends.

Michael League says so many great things in this interview that are relevant too all DIY musicians, but here is my favorite and what I think is the take away.

I think it is important to remember that there are terrible bands that become famous because they never stop being terrible [laughs]. They just kept doing it and the more that you do it, the more opportunities you create for yourself. There were a lot of moments on this road where due to financial issues, and social issues within the band, due to feelings of musical inadequacy, where I wanted to terminate the situation. But I never did. That’s the real key. There’s obviously a lot more. I think the most important part is perseverance.

Read the article here.

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