DAMS – my new new new band

Over the last few months I’ve been hard at work with some of my very best friends and business partners on a new band called DAMS.

I figured this would be a good place to give some additional incite into the band.

Who are DAMS?

Sarah Wilson
David Carter
Cole Murphy ake Fine Peduncle

Sarah Wilson, David Carter, and myself have been putting on shows(and even a little music festival) together for our individual bands over the last 5 years under the guise of Hijacking Music.

We’ve been the brains, braun, and work behind all of these. Working together comes naturally.

I met Cole Murphy last year the day before South By South West(SXSW). HJM was one of several promoters on a house show that had him on the bill. I knew of him and his work from his last performance in Atlanta at BeAtlanta house, but I missed the performance.

He SMASHED it! Turns out, he needed a ride to SXSW and we had enough room to fit him in. A week later we came home mega bonded and have been in touch since. He even played the 2012 Hijacking Music Festival.

How did DAMS start?

There is also another musical project I do called Psychedubasaurus REX, which is an improvisational progressive psychedelic rock band. This band allows me to ‘jam’ with all of my favorite musicians. It has also helped me spawn two bands. Lotus Quadrant and DAMS.

Both of these projects began with people I’ve been friends with already, and then started playing music with. This makes a HUGE difference on the vibe, work flow, and music, verse trying to find ‘the right one’ on craigslist or some other crap music finding site.

For the 2012 Hijacking Music Festival, we decided to have PSDREX headline in case we ran out of time(happened in 2011) and had to cut someone, it would be our own project.

We started rehearsing, we even wrote a couple ‘riffs’ to jam off and picked a great line up of musicians to start the night. During these rehearsals, Sarah, David, and myself found ourselves putting together some pretty awesome music.

After the Festival was over, we decided it was time to start a band together. We have all the skill sets, we are all ‘that guy’ in our previous projects that get’s work done, and figured together we can take over the world!

Immediately we knew Cole was going to be our singer. No one else fit the bill and we couldn’t think of anyone else. We asked him, he said yes, the rest is history.

So what’s the plan?

DAMS_529_3-7-13-FLYER (web)We’ve been grinding it out in the studio writing and rehearsing as much as possible. This is easily the most challenging and creative project I’ve been involved with, so we need all the practice we can get!

Our first show is Thursday March 7th @ 529 with Hanzelle, Board of Whores, and Satellite Sky.

We are going to SXSW to play a showcase we are putting on, as well as any other shows we manage to get, and HELLA street shows.

Once we return we’ll head to a cabin in the woods to record our debut EP.

First big tour coming in July!


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