Increasing Productivity By Clearing Out The Fluff

For the past year or more I have been clearing out things I do not need from all aspects of my life. I guess you would say it’s a lifestyle? When I moved around this time last year, I knew I didn’t want to take ALL the ‘stuff’ I had with me for multiple reasons.…

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Online Marketing for Restaurants

EDIT: We’ve given the business a name. We call it Foodrunner. END EDIT Most of you know my efforts in the world wide web have mostly been focusing on WordPress website development and Search Engine Optimization. You might not have known that I’ve also spent years studying, learning, and growing my skill sets as a…

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Why My Dog is Good For My Business

In 2010, on my birthday, my roommate woke me up and said “there is a puppy on the deck”. Bewildered, I arose and we investigated. This fool, aka Major Tom, was TINY, up on the deck, and scared to come down the steps. We brought him down and played with him some. He had a…

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