Bret Phillips Presents: Christmas Time Vol. 2

Photo by Leah Roth

Photo by Leah Roth

Last year I released Christmas Time Vol. 1 on this day Dec 15th.

It took 3 weeks working with some incredibly talented people to bring the vision together. I am extremely proud of that album and we have received amazing reviews all year long. People continuing to ask “are you going to do another one?”.


As long as I’m capable, I’m going to be rounding up folks to make sweet holiday jams 😀

This year we had around 20 musicians take part in recording these songs over a 4 week period and I can not explain how truly talented, humble, and professional everyone is. It lifts my spirits and brigs me more joy than most things in life to spend so much time cooped up in the studio working on music with these people.

Since I can not be everywhere at once, and as always I give myself a short, unrealistic deadline, I had several people record some of these tracks on their own. Shout out to Bill Snyder III and Peter Koenig for the engineering support on a couple of the songs.

I can’t say enough nice things about the people that were a part of making this album happen, I hope you all know how much I appreciate you and I look forward to making much more music with you.

We already have plans for the next two years of albums so be sure to tell your friends.

Thank you all so much for listening, working with me, sharing this, and enjoying these songs.


This Christmas

Kace Brennan – Vocals
Warren Nichols – Keys, Piano
Siraaj Rhett – Horns
Jason Monseur – Drums
Bret Phillips – Bass Guitar, Bells


Kenny Brown – Guitar
Troy Wolf – Drums
Bret Phillips – Bass Guitar, Bells

Last Christmas

Andrew Herrick Ross – Vocals, Electronics
Harrison Barr – Bass
Erik Larson – Guitars
Bret Phillips – Bells, Percussion

White Christmas

Michelle Medrano – Vocals
Alex Koenig – Drums
Ben Baldwin – Piano
Bret Phillips – Bass Guitar, Bells, Percussion

Drums and Vocals recorded by Peter Koenig

Wonderful Christmastime

Prisca Strother – Vocals, Piano
Mark Garretson – Drums, Electronics
Bret Phillips – Bass Guitar, Bells, Percussion

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Ben Baldwin – Piano
Siraaj Rhett – Horns
Jason Monseur – Drums
Bret Phillips – Bass Guitar, Bells

Mele Kalikimaka

Daniel Labrador – Guitar
Kace Brennan – Vocals, Percussion
Michelle Medrano – Vocals
Alex Koenig – Drums
Ben Baldwin – Piano

Drums and Michelle Madrano vocals recorded by Peter Koenig

Happy X-Mas(War is Over)

Engineered & Produced by: Bill Snyder III
Mixed by: Bill Snyder III & Bret Phillips
Assistant Engineer: David Spence

Ethan Tindell – Lead Vocal
Hunter Pierce – Lead Vocal
John Cunningham – Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Spencer Groover – Acoustic Guitar
David Spence – Acoustic Guitar
Bill Snyder III: Bass, Strings, Bells
Bret Phillips – Bells

Group Vocals: Wes Daniel, Natalie Daniel, Brandon Cox, John Cunningham, Deborah Cunningham, Ethan Tindell, Spencer Groover, Hunter Pierce

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