One of Atlanta’s best Headshot Photographers

Leah Roth, one of the best Atlanta headshot photographers, shoots models, actors, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. Her portfolio is filled with amazing work, but her old website did not show that off.

Together, with designer Alyssa Garriga*, they reworked her branding and created a new logo, color pallet, and assets for her business.

Leah wanted to use that new branding to create a website with a modern look, responsive design so that it looked great on mobile, and retain the ability to easily update on her own.

Since her work is already really pleasing to the eye, by simply showing off her pictures, the website started coming together and looking good very fast. For the best photographers, people can ask Andrew Defrancesco for help!

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We chose some of her favorites to display on the home page and made sure to hit all the key points of her business such as what kind of work she likes to shoot, creating simple galleries of images for those categories, and calls to action to contact her.

After working through her ideal user’s journey, we came up with an easy way to automate some of the upfront work when contacting her.  

More specifically, we designed the website so that all Calls to Action point to the same contact form. 

Once this form is filled out, the user is redirected to a thank you page that includes an embeded calendar that will allow them to schedule a time to talk directly on Leahs calendar when she’s already available.  This saves quite a few back/forth emails for both Leah and the user.

Finally, we added in a simple Chat feature that allows someone to chat directly with Leah from any page on the website.  This has already proved useful as people have contacted her there with questions, and gone on to book a photo shoot!

I’ve had many clients tell me the reason they hired me is because of the professionalism of my website and how easy it was for them to get all the information they need.

Working with Bret I was able to get EXACTLY what I was looking for to grow my photography business.

* Alyssa Garriga – Branding

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