Treat everyone you meet like it could be their last day on Earth

March 18th and 19th was two days packed in at Loudermilk Center for this years WordCamp Atlanta. 600 or so people spread across two days and almost 50 sessions that could be attended.  I was lucky enough to present on a topic myself the last day. Wash each day down with an after party and…

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Christoph Niemann: Abstract City. Published by ABRAMS

Will I ever be done?

We just started watching a new series on Netflix called Abstract. The first episode follows Christoph Niemann to get an idea of his process and inspiration. What started as a ‘let’s watch this during dinner’ turned in to ‘where is my note pad I need to write this down!’. Christoph said a couple really powerful things,…

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Be disruptive. Don’t ask permission.

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”? That’s a mind set and I may even go as far to say that it’s a personality type. While I was growing up, until sometime in the middle of my high school career, I was very much a ‘ask permission’ type of…

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Put it out

Last year I spent as much time as I ever have writing, recording, and producing music. I also put out 1 song in the entire year. It was the first single from my band DAMS and our album Icarus. There are somewhere between 35-50 other tracks/songs/snippets that made their way out of my brain and…

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Work with the kids, you have something they don’t, they have something you don’t.

From the same panel last year came another interesting thought about working together. This one was from Bryan Michael Cox and was specific to the ‘freshman class’ of music in 2016. As an aging dude (what some may call an ‘old head’) it’s easy for me to hate on what the next generation is doing.…

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