Will I ever be done?

We just started watching a new series on Netflix called Abstract.

The first episode follows Christoph Niemann to get an idea of his process and inspiration.

What started as a ‘let’s watch this during dinner’ turned in to ‘where is my note pad I need to write this down!’.

Christoph said a couple really powerful things, one of which was the following:

“The idea of being done is the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve”

As someone that is constantly struggling to definitively choose a path and become the best that I can at it, this resonated with me.

Being a musician, I’ve never felt that I had reached my peak. Certainly I have progressed in the 25+ years that I’ve been actively playing, writing, and recording, but I doubt I’ll ever reach a point where I say “Alright, I did it, I’m done”.

Instead, the older I get, the more I realize that I am a student.

Just recently, as a grown man with a full time job, fiance, and packed schedule, I started taking drum lessons and am also working my way through Serious Electric Bass.

The better I get, the more I crave to learn.

I believe there is a never ending journey to refine your skill sets through life.

With so many avenues for knowledge, so many different things that I love to do, I can’t image that I’ll ever be done.


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