What’s Coming Up?

As this is my personal blog, I wanted to write a little bit about what is coming up in Bret’s World Wide Web.

If you know me, you know I dabble in various different projects, and currently am working with 3 websites of my own, Web Devils, Hijacking Music, and this website.

My goal over the next six months is pretty much the same for each of them, but the content will differ.  Let’s go over the three different entities.

Web Devils

web-devils-icon-100Web Devils is the web development company my friend Michael Ollinger and I started earlier this year. After years of working together building all kinds of websites for both personal reasons and for profit, we decided to come together and build something for real.

That said, we were off to a real good start with the website and building the community. Once business picked up we kind of ran out of time for working on our own website and have been working with clients almost full time.

We recently took a step back to asses where we are and where we want to take this Web Devils thing.

As a company it is a great title to work under, but what we have come to find is that the website is working out better as an online resource. A place for people getting into online marketing for their business.

We’ve decided to embrace this idea and really ramp it up.

What’s Coming Up?

Throughout the rest of the year, we will be working on increasing our blog content. That means having regular weekly posts on the topic of building a successful web presence.

There will be more ‘How To’ videos and Free learning courses, as well guest blogs from some very talented people in our industry.

There has also been some talk of setting up some Forums on the Web Devils site that would allow users to interact with us directly in a easy to read threaded format. Our goal is to launch this around the beginning of 2011.

On top of that we  have quite a few more ideas to roll out for Web Devils in the coming months.

If you have any interest in learning how to build up your business, make your website the right way, market your stuff the right way, then stay posted.


Hijacking Music

hjmoutIf I had to guess, I would say that this website is probably going to be the most fun to work on of the three.

HijackingMusic.com is going to become a resource for the DIY musician. A single place to go and learn all of the things you’ll end up needing to know being a DIY band.

As a collective we have a wealth of information among us. We have all worked very hard to learn things the hard tried and true way.

Now we are VERY excited to share this with others passionate musicians all over the world.  We want to do something bigger than ourselves, and we think this is a really good start.

What’s Coming Up?

With a list of over one hundred topics already, we will be having regularly posted content relevant to to the DIY style of doing music. Topic likes Promotion, Touring, as well as guest posts, gear reviews, weekly show list for ATL, and more.

We have already begun recording videos for these and it has been a blast.

This is all going to be offered for FREE, all you will have to do is keep updated.

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Bret Phillips

bpThis is my personal site and I have been struggling with the type of content that I want to post here.

Do I want to only write about my personal life, should I use it to just promote my other ventures. Do I want to post up ‘how to’ videos sharing my knowledge on certain subjects?

Should I be posting here more regularly on any specific niche topics?

While I am sure there are people that would be fine reading anything that I post up as I have been for many years, more and more of my research is telling me that if I want to have a successful ‘blog’ site, I need to have some kind of focused content on said website.

Having a niche with both Web Devils and Hijacking Music made it pretty easy for me to figure out what kind of content belongs there.  Being ever interested in everything…seriously sometimes it feels like EVERYTHING, it has been hard for me to really nail down what, out of everything, I should focus my personal website content around.

Over this past year I have been working on my personal growth just as much as my businesses growth.

This has helped me learn what kind of things I am good at, as well as what things mean the most to me.

The things that I am most passionate about and those things that I can live without.

I want people to land on my page from anywhere and immediately know what those passions are. If they share them, hopefully connect with me. If not, maybe I will inspire someone to try something new, or to inspire me to try something new.

After much debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am most passionate about these things, and not necessarily in this order all the time.

  • Music
  • Business Development
  • Technology

In another post I will dive deeper in to each of those.

For now just be ready to consume some new ideas and content, and get involved.

How To Get Involved

In the coming months you can expect to see some changes around these parts and I want you to get involved.

Into Music or Web Development? Have some knowledge to share? Contact me some how and lets talk about guest posting and cross promotion.

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I thank any of you that have been reading this website already, and I look forward to continuing to get to know you.

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