There Is No Such Thing As a Successful Perfectionist

manworkingBefore you perfectionists get all riled up, just know that we are all perfectionists, especially with the things that we are passionate about.

Or at least we want to be.

The title of this article comes from a twitter post made by Peter Shallard that I found retweeted by another Atlanta local Andy Fogarty. Andy’s website Entrepreneurial Daddy is full of useful and inspirational posts, you should check it out.

I am not exactly sure the reason behind Peter posting that, but can definitely relate to it from a couple of different angles which has inspired this post.

First Angle

As a entrepreneur myself, I have been doing just about everything required to run a business, which takes time…lots and lots of time. With minimal time on my hands, I have to use it wisely.

Since I am a developer, let’s use the example of building a website.

There are times when 90% is good enough. For me, I could easily spend countless hours tweaking and and manipulating my websites designs until they are absolutely perfect. Adding all kinds of new features to them, changing the layouts, generally making sure every little thing is absolutely in line.  It would take some time, so that is not to say that it can not be done.

Having limited time though, getting a site 90% there, having everything in place and functional, is good enough to get started. That is basically how the current site was revamped recently. It’s not perfect but it looks fine and is working great!

Not wrapping that final 10% may mean I have to roll out another feature later on when I get more time, but if I were to try and work through that last 10%, it could easily take me as much time as the first 90%.

What else could I be doing with that time?

  • Connecting with people
  • Finding new business to keep the cash flow
  • Digesting my analytics to see where I can improve
  • Creating systems and policies to make my work flow more efficient
  • Marketing my services
  • Coming up with new strategies
  • and more…

Those things listed are specific to what I could be doing with that time for my business. How about what I could be doing in my personal life?

Outside of ‘work’ I could be spending time doing so many other things that I love to do, and you could be too.

Another Angle?

Another angle that hit me, when I saw that Peter is a shrink for entrepreneurs, is how being a perfectionist could be somewhat detrimental to your mental health.

Going through that last 10% of something is going to be taxing and wear your head down, as well as potentially increase your stress levels.  Everyone could use less stress and no one really wants work so hard all of the time. We want to work hard to get into a position that will allow us to do the things we love to do.

If working is the thing you love to do, then this whole piece probably does not apply to you, but I appreciate you reading 🙂

Anyways, I am not saying that you should always just give up on whatever you are working on at 90% and go start doing other things. Especially if you have a big budget and the time, if you do, go for it.

I am merely pointing out the fact that if you are one with limited time anyway, which many of us are, think about what you could be doing with all that time you’ll save from just rolling out at 90%.  Whatever it is, get it out there and get it working for you.

Thank you for reading. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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