Some thoughts on telepathy

ga_alexgrey03The other day a couple friends of mine were playing some Soul Calibur on PS3, and one of the stages had some bird like creatures running around that I thought looked like the dodo bird.

Later that same evening I met up with some other friends of mine, during which time one of them begins to talk about the dodo bird.

Before this instance, I am pretty sure I had not thought about or heard ‘dodo bird’ in well over a year, probably much longer.  So why two times in one day?

Another example could be when you are driving along down the road, or maybe sitting at a red light, and you feel like the person next to you is looking at you. You look over only to find that they are! How did you know, or better yet, feel that?

We started to discuss this idea more throughout the night, more for just the brain exercise than anything.  We tossed around some concepts, one in particular involving telepathy.

Say in the ‘greater energy’ that we are all a part of, my thoughts are not confined to the inside of my brain.  Instead, like lights beaming through fog, my thoughts both present and recent past are radiating around in my circle of energy.

Being subconsciously in tune with that greater energy, my friends energy is able to pick up on those thoughts which in turn start floating around in his circle.

Same goes for the person staring you down from the car next to yours. With them focusing their attention on you, their energy is focused on you, and your surrounding energy mixes and mingles with theirs, giving you that feeling deep inside that someone is looking at…or focusing on you.

So without making a conscious mental effort, much like breathing, we could be picking up on the thoughts or wills of those around us.

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