Pandora Radio – Holiday Channels

If you have not heard about Pandora yet, it is time that you check it out.

pandoraxmas1 is a serviced based on the Music Genome Project.

I have been listening to Pandora for a few years now and it continues to get better and broader.

Today I wanted to talk about the holiday stations.  Typically around this time of year one would need to either play from their own collection of holiday jams, be it CD’s, records, MP3s, etc., or they would need to tune into that one radio station in the city playing all holiday jams exclusively.

Sometimes though, especially from personal experience, this is not enough.

For one thing, the holiday jams on the radio are the same holiday jams I’ve been hearing on that station since I was just a tiny little tot.  Don’t get me wrong, they are good jams but there e so many other takes on those jams available, why not mix it up some?

As for my own personal collection of holiday music, I will always fancy it.  It continues to grow every year and I definitely play MY favorites from it annually.  These might not be everyone elses favorites though…which is where Pandora comes in.

This year around December 1st, I went to and typed in “Chirstmas”.


As you can see there are at least 99 holiday stations ready for access.

I’ve have not nearly been through all of them, and to be honestly this year have mostly stuck to Jazz Holidays.  There are some real sleepy tunes that play there occasionally, but for the most part, it is some great jazz musicians playing some excellent holiday covers. I highly recommend you take a listen to that station stat.

I plan to do a future write up about Pandora as a whole, as I think it is a very interesting project and am very excited to see how far it has come in the time that it has been online, so stay posted.


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