Lotus Quadrant – Recording New Music

Yesterday, after our massive Country White Bread French Toast w/ Maple syrup glazed Sweet Potato brunch, we got cracking on practice.

Sundays are our band day, and it’s pretty much my favorite day of the week. We all hang out, eat like kings, and play music until we drop.

After running through most of our material and working on some new stuff, we decided to go full on into RECORD mode.

Our first and last release was a christmas cover song, so we thought it’s about time to release something of our own.

The song we worked on is called Tourmaline(you’ll notice I am holding a black piece of tourmaline in the photo)

Roughly 8 hours in the studio, we recorded all drums, bass, guitar, and most of the vocals.

As well we’ve already done quite a bit of mixing and editing.

What does all of this mean for you?


Get ready world, Lotus Quadrant is coming out the gates strong!

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