DAMS winning video for GoPro + Guitar Center Done in One Contest

When we went to South By South West this in 2015, we bumped into GoPro where we were invited us to their GoPro House to play some songs.

They also hooked some GoPro cameras to us and recorded it all.

BONUS: They even gave us 2 Music edition GoPros to keep the recordings going.

Turns out, GoPro and Guitar Center were having a contest. Record a one take, single camera video for any of your songs and submit it to the contest.

I scrubbed the Rules a bunch of times and came up with the idea to hook a camera up to Christmas Train(y’all know I love Christmas) and record the live audio in my home studio.

Turns out they loved it and we were picked as winners for July. The video received over 90,000 plays, and both GoPro and Guitar Center sent us quite a few prizes.

Thanks a TON GoPro, y’all are the coolest!

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