Pandora Radio – Holiday Channels

If you have not heard about Pandora yet, it is time that you check it out. is a serviced based on the Music Genome Project. I have been listening to Pandora for a few years now and it continues to get better and broader. Today I wanted to talk about the holiday stations.  Typically…

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Favorite Albums 2009

I have been debating on whether or not to post a ‘top’ albums for 2009 list, mostly due to the fact that I might indulge in posting a top albums of the decade which would require a good bit of time. Over the past decade I have listened to 90% of the music I have…

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Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

In an attempt to start a new series for myself to maintain, I wanted to write a little bit about Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. Before I get into the specifics of each process, I wanted to give some background about my experience with recording and editing audio. Back in 1998 while still in high school,…

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