Atlanta Air Conditioning – Georgia Air Contractors

One of the companies I started working with when I went full time as a developer is Georgia Air Contractors.

Georgia Air Contractors is highly regarded Atlanta air conditioning service provider. They do installs, service calls, retrofits, and pretty much anything else related to residential and commercial HVAC.

They are quickly becoming Atlanta’s premier Geothermal installer and service provider as well.

GAC wanted to overhaul the look and functionality of their website, to be able to update the content on their pages easily, post specials and other offers regularly, begin blogging using a list of topics related to their industry, and step into social media in order to build a stronger relationship with current and future customers.

We have designed a new layout and custom WordPress theme for them, and moved their entire site onto the WordPress platform.

Using the category feature for WordPress blogs, we have created a custom page template that allows them to easily post new ‘specials’ as well as have a specific area on their website for people to find them.

The blogging functionality comes with WordPress by default, and we have come up with a system that allows GAC to send us their blog posts which we optimize and schedule to go out.

We’ve just begun our foray into social media as a HVAC company and I look forward to helping out with the strategy and execution of their social media plan.

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